Yuan Engineering
Yuan Engineering is a mellontological company which sells thin clients, automatic memory-management components, and language-integrated databases. For a modest price, we are willing to fabricate and deploy any large-scale, internet-related enterprise-resource-system complete with analytics, diagnostics, and support for mixed-media integration. We specialize in situations where the application in question requires low-level control, static linking, zero cost-of-dependencies, or zero effort-of-installation, whether upon an Android-based platform or Linux-based. Our data-rated plans begin at 10 TB. Our productions are diligently compliant with industry-propounded standards such as those from W3C, IETF, and ANSI. Our web-based front-ends execute several times faster than those of competitors, giving us the client-side edge in cloud- and swarm-metric data-organization.
Experimental Hybrid Thin Client and Game Console
Experimental, Alternative, Web Deployed, Auditable, Mixed Source Android SDK
10 TB Abstract Machine, Possessing Analysis and Storage, with Customary Dashboard
Starts at $1,600/mo.
Managed Android Components — Good for Fortune 500 Companies
Starts at $9,600/mo.
Cloud Computing Database with Intrinsic Support for Android Bytecode
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Skeuomorphic Android Workspace with AMM/AC, 256 Accounts
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Yuan Xun
Roger Hsieh